DIY this Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and you know what that means- it’s the one day of the year we as adults get to play dress up. No matter how old you are, Halloween is more than just spooky scares and fun parties- it’s a chance to show off that flair for fashion design and makeup artistry you’ve been hiding up your sleeve. Flaunt your sexy, spooky side with these great makeup tips that won’t break the bank. Admit it, you still love to play dress up. We have a few tricks up our sleeves on how to turn heads at your Halloween party, and make a statement entrance no one will forget.

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Black and White Film Star Nikkie Tutorials shows an elegant and striking way to transform your image to look straight out of a film from the 1920s. This look is stunning and simple and guaranteed to snag a couple of double-takes. The costume for this look is simple; only wear black and white. Our favorite pro bout this look is the opportunity to try out the new bold lip fall trend with black lipstick and faux lashes to really play up a vintage look.

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Total Celeb Status– That fangirl inside of you has always wondered what it would be like to be a star. Kandee is known for using her elite cosmetic skills to transform herself into anyone. This viral video shows Kandee’s hand at recreating herself as Angelina Jolie. Her countless tutorials feature makeup transformation into Disney princesses, and other fun characters. We recommend trying out her makeup tips and save same change by rocking a celeb costume- simple outfits with distinct features can reveal a celeb- look alike. Strut a Kim Kardashian look with a black bodycon dress, full lips, and bold brows. Get crazy and pin fake flowers and decals all over a denim jacket and jeans to imitate Miley Cyrus. Kandee has countless videos and tips to reimage your look- despite what you may think, you have the perfect outfit combo in your very own closet to become red-carpet status without spending the red-carpet dime.

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I’m a Barbie Girl… Try a flashback fave form your pre-teen years and be your favorite Barbie this Halloween. Dress up in a pink dress, anything bedazzled or match the theme of your favorite Barbie from childhood. Gymnast Barbie, Summer Fun Barbie, Princess Barbie… the opportunities are as flexible as what is already in your closet. Michelle Phan has an excellent tutorial on how to use the art of makeup to transform your face into a wide-eyed, pink-lipped, Barbie. We love Michelle’s use of white eyeliner and hot pink lipstick, creating the flawless doll we all loved throughout our childhood. Use a generous amount of contour creams to transform any facial structure into the plastic-y sheen perfection of Barbie. Don’t forget a hot pink polish for a flawless manicure, and your Ken will be smitten

You don’t need to drain your wallet in order to have the hottest costume at your Halloween festivity. Use the cosmetic basics you already have in your makeup bag and creatively compile an outfit that makes an unmistakable impersonation of the character you wish to be for Halloween, just as you can see from our students. 



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