4 Creative (+ Cheap) Ways to Hang Wall Art

I love having wall art in my home, but sometimes I want something different and a little less permanent than the traditional gallery wall. This is where you get a chance to be a little creative!

Here are 4 fun, creative ways to display your favorite wall art!

1. Clip It

ClipboardsRun down to your favorite office supply store and stock up on clipboards! The days have passed where you’ll only see clipboards at the office. The best part is you can change out your art at anytime!

2. Tape It

539e6a60697ab01723009169._w.540_s.fit_And no, not with scotch tape. Grab a trusted roll of washi tape to design your own frames, that you can change whenever you want!

3. String It

50b2d0ded9127e111b000caf._w.540_h.810_s.fit_Create your own photo/print display by stringing them up! Whether you use yarn, string or wire, this custom display is sure to look great.

4. Hang(er) It

506ae336fb04d60a51001436._w.499_h.777_s.fit_If clipboards aren’t your thing, create a similar look by snagging a few hangers from your closet!

How do you display your favorite wall art?

All images courtesy of Apartment Therapy