5 Fall Makeup Trends

Did you check out the top hair and fashion trends for fall? Well we’re back with the top makeup trends and the 90’s are alive and well. From dark, mysterious lips to smudged rocker eyeliner — these trends are sure to turn some heads and make you want to listen to Smells Like Teen Spirit on repeat.

1. Metallic Makeup

Metallic makeup

Everywhere you look you’re bound to find something metallic and your makeup bag should be no exception! Grab your favorite metallic hue and have some fun. I love this silvery look on Cara.

2. Rocker Eyeliner

Rocker Eyeliner

I don’t wear eyeliner on the bottom in the fear of making my eyes appear smaller, but I might have to give this edgy rocker eyeliner a try.

3. 90’s Lipstick

90's Lipstick - IMAXTREE

*YAAS* I love a dark, bold lip. I might even give brown a try? I mean – YOLO.

4. Monochromatic Makeup

Monochromatic makeup

Have one shade that looks lovely with your skin? Wear it everywhere! Match your eye shadow to your lipstick and blush for a fun monochromatic look.

5. Defined Lashes


Mascara madness! Defined lashes are in.

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