8 Apps for Massage Therapists

We live in a time where a world of information is at our fingertips every minute of every day. Don’t know where Timbuktu is? Google it. Want to find out about Ebola? Google it.

Want to have information, insights, and knowledge of massage therapy at your fingertips? You can! There are many apps you can download on your cell phone or tablet – and with just a little time and effort – you can access anything from articles to interactive learning tools not only for yourself, but also for friends, family, and clients.

I’ve reviewed apps on health, exercise, techniques, study guides, and medication. The following are ones I found to be useful in each category.


Breathing Zone –Included in this app are guided exercises to help lower stress and blood pressure. There is a cost of $3.99 for this app.

MyFitnessPal –It’s a great app for tracking your diet, exercise and water consumption. It has an abundant scope of offerings and makes it easy to track your progress.

Headspace Inc. –Want to learn how to meditate? This app is offered in both free and premium versions. The free 10 day app will guide you in 10-minute meditations and offer a variety of wellness topics. Subscribe after 10 days or not, it’s up to you.


Alexander Mokrushin –Using acupressure points, you can release tension, headaches, etc. This app uses illustrations to help with self-care and can be used as instructional information for clients.


Massage Therapy Exam Prep 2015 –This app is designed to help students understand massage concepts, terminology, and much more in preparation for exams and school testing.

Whack-A-Bone – Though not an app, this website is a lot of fun helping students become quickly familiar with the skeletal system.

Visual Anatomy Free –This is an excellent app for interactively learning the human body’s anatomy systems. It includes a rotational 3D anatomical model and hundreds of detailed images.


Epocrates – Interested to learn about a drug one of your clients is taking? This app will tell you what you need to know.

I hope this opens some doors of interest and learning for you. I’d love to hear your favorites! Share some suggestions in the comments for me to add to my list.

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