A Quick Energy Boost!

By Laura Gordon

Want a boost of energy that lasts, does not include caffeine or sugar, takes less that 5 minutes to perform, stimulates blood flow, detoxes your body, sooths frazzled nerves, needs no equipment and requires only standing and bending space so it can be done wherever and whenever you have a little quiet time to yourself?
Great, letโ€™s get started.
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. With both hands on each side of the crown of your head using your fingers begin tapping (use an assured tapping which is several degrees heavier than light tapping but not painful to you) for a count of 10 moving forward and back on the crown. Move to your forehead, temple, cheekbone and jaw line repeating the tapping in each place.
Next extend one arm away from the body and using the other hand begin patting vigorously (again this should be assured but not painful) along the arm out to the back of the hand, turn your arm and begin patting vigorously back to the shoulder. Be sure to pat upper trapezius where we hold so much tension. Repeat on the other arm.
After that place our hands on each side of your sternum and simultaneously pat your sternum, rib cage, move inferior along the waist, move your hands to the back and pat over the kidneys, come to the front and vigorously pat your entire abdominal cavity. Do this for about a minute or so. Be sure to send love and energy to all your organs. You are waking them up and allowing them to detox old stale energy. Always keep in mind that intent is the secret to healing.
Now ,bending forward, begin patting vigorously from the hip down the glutes along the outside of your legs, then up the inside to your groin area. Again, do this as many times as you feel it necessary. When you stand (straighten up), do it in sections: keep your face pointing at the ground, bend your lower back upwards, then your neck and head. This will keep you from getting dizzy, as standing straight up can at once can cause the blood to rush from your head.
To end use your hands to sweep/brush your arms proximal to distal, your abdomen superior to inferior and legs proximal to distal.
There, youโ€™re recharged and ready to go!ย  Try this when your feeling drained and let us know how energized it made you feel!

50 thoughts on “A Quick Energy Boost!”

  1. I sure could have used this tip on Wednsday lol! Now that I have been privy to this info, I will use it for sure. Thanks for an oppurtunity to learn and add to my GPA.

  2. This is very good to know I will use this every morning when I get ready for class and work so I wont be so sleepy and tired.

  3. I will have to try these techniques this week. I always have a hard time waking up in the mornings. Thank you for this advice!

  4. Too bad I didn’t try this earlier this weekend. It did wake up my body but that could be from the shock that my body is saying to me, “What’s wrong with you woman you’re beating up on me!”

  5. Ok at first i thought this was a little weird looking and my husband gave me even weirder looks when he saw me doing this but it actually works. I felt a lot better afterward.

  6. Very cool, and will try it out in a few minutes while I break from a long day of studying and preparing for my first day of core classes. Wow, what a workload!

  7. Good timing for me too! I’m feeling beat up after a busy weekend. Plus, studying the endocrine is adding to my stiffness!
    It’s a good thing I took a break & read my email

  8. I will be trying this one after school and before work considering my days run continuiously and it feels like I never have enough energy to last me til I get home. I can’t wait.

  9. Well this was interesting. I actually did feel more invigorated trying this. Just at home. The bending at the waist for me is impossible so I manuvered this in the best way I could. I was kinda glad my no one was standing at the doorway! lol But seriously, I have gone arount the house doing this to the hip and thigh area of my body that tends to have the most pain.

  10. This is very exciting to me since with being pregnant I am not supposed to have much caffeine and my energy level is seems very low. May have to take it easy on the vigorously patting the abdomen though… I may get patted back. :)i really enjoyed the graphics.

  11. I will try this one day after school. This is very good information because maybe now I won’t be so tired when I get home from school.

  12. This really felt good. I was tired after this long day but now I think I will be able to finish out the day. Thank you Miss Laura.

  13. Tried this as a family and we all loved it – my boys love hitting each other so this was a pleasant change to hit themselves!Energised us all, thanks!

  14. This is a great move. I just imagined the love and energy I would put into a client if I was doing this for them. I could actually feel negativity leaving me. Beautiful!! Thanks!!

  15. Too bad no one shared the tapping technique with earlier this week, maybe i would have gotten a higher score on my certification final. I wonder if the first time the guy who discovered this felt as silly as i just did tapping all over myself. Well as silly as i must have just looked to my boxer, who must have thought i had lost my mind, i can say i feel revitalized. Thanks

  16. This really did help….It was the end of my day and I had a few more chores I needed to do around house and was feeling really drained…but this helped. Thanks for the tip.

  17. I remember when Laura came in to CLD and had everyone get up to do this. It definitely woke me up, great quick exercise to try.

  18. Thanks for all the little tips you and the rest of your facility have been give us. They all are really helpful techniques, like this one I taught it to my daughters to do in the mornings.

  19. Interesting. Similar to slapping your face to keep yourself awake. :)Convenient for for a quick pick me. I will still have my coffee cup nearby… ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. i feel a bit weird beating myself up, but after trying it i did feel more awake. i also enjoyed the graphics.

  21. This was very interesting. I could see how this would work to wake yourself up. I also think that learning to send healing and positive thoughts to yourself or whoever you may be working on is key. Having positive and loving energy seems like nothing, but really I think it makes all the difference. I did feel more awake after doing this exercise. This could also be something that you could give a client to do for homework who struggles with having no energy.

  22. Good stuff. I feel better after doing this. I felt tired before doing this and I was more awake after it. I will be doing this more. Thanks for the great tips.

  23. I tried this and I had my husband try it with me, I think it worked pretty well. It is definitely interesting! Thanks for the information.

  24. I am going to print this off and take it to work with me! I always feel like I could fall asleep standing up. I might try this during dinner break too…

  25. It didn’t POST!

    Okay….to be really honest I have felt like CRAP this week and did not do this. I did make my husband this Tuesday morning and he said it actually worked really well. He is a fireman and frequently gets up several times a night and will probably start doing this as he runs to drive the truck. You never know it might save a life or two! Yes, I will try it myself as soon as I get feeling better!

  26. I like this technque because you can do it anywhere and whenever you feel you need energy. I will definatly try this in the morning while I am getting ready for school to see how it will affect me, because I am not a morning person and this could help me to be a morning person. Thanks

  27. When I first did this in CLD I WOKE UP!!!!! It was actually re-energizing and I left my old boring state of CLD and actually felt energized like a battery!.

  28. My energy level tends to be low most of the time due to my busy schedule. Used to do the energy drink thing. This technique has worked awesome this week for me with the late nights at work!

  29. Tried this in the mornings the past couple of days and it really helped start my day. I was really awake getting ready instead of dragging myself around the house. I even had my mom do it and it really woke her up as well. Had a great day afterward, thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. This a an awesome technique. I normally wake up tired and groggy from working so late, so I tried this technique this morning before coming to school and I feel great!! Thanks for the tip!

  31. This was very interesting!!! I’m for sure going to be trying this in the mornings! I could use this alot since I can’t really have much caffine! Thanks!

  32. I remember doing this in CLD and I was wide awake and I believe the whole class was talkative the rest of the evening it really works.

  33. It looks goofy but it works.This exercise is very energizing. It also warms you up when it’s cold out side.

  34. This is very interesting to me!! I try to always do the positive in everyday and situation..This did seem to give me a little more of a boost…It will be a lot cheaper than my daily Red Bull addiction…Thank you Ross for all your great tips!!

  35. I think I should try this at work. I work from around 11PM to between 5 and 6AM. This could help me out from time to time.

  36. This was very interesting for me. I had my son’s Nana do this and she said she actually had a bit more boost for her day. And that she will try doing it again another morning when she needs another boost. Thanks.