Would you hire you?

Would you hire you? 

I love hypothetical situations, mainly because they are fiction, but more importantly because they cause you to stop and think.  Let’s paint a picture of one potential future for you as a massage therapist.   

You’ve spent your time and hard earned (loaned at times) money on an education that has prepared you to be a full-fledged Licensed Massage Therapist.  You have successfully entered the work force and have found a job in a spa as a therapist.  About 3 months into this venture you’ve become very adept at procuring new clients and more importantly retaining them! 

One evening as you are enjoying a nice quite moment around the dinner table with your significant other, the thought occurs to you, “why can’t I do this on my own?  Why am I making someone else rich?”  The entrepreneurial seed has now been planted in your brain.  You devise a well thought out plan of cutting back on personal expenses at home and sacrificing the perks of life so that you can save money and in about 2 years you should have $100,000 set aside to open your very own spa!  Doesn’t it give you goose bumps just thinking about it? Others may encounter queasiness at this thought – these are probably people with a past experience in a failed business adventure.

Now starts the myriad of tasks necessary to open your business.  Incorporate or not to incorporate that is the question?  Who will take care of the financial books and taxes, what about liability insurance? What computer system to buy, how many rooms do I need to build out, what color is the carpet, the walls, the ceiling, where am I going to put speakers for relaxing spa music – satellite radio or iPod, what telephone system will I use, do I need to hire someone as a receptionist, where should I locate.  Do I need a washer dryer and a refrigerator, what about blinds and curtains for the waiting area?   I need a web page – now who’s going to help with that, I need a sign out front, what hours am I going to be open, what days will I be open?  Just to name a few.

All right it’s all worked out.  All the questions answered and it’s about 2 weeks before your grand opening and you have a great epiphany.  What if I hired 4 people to work for me as therapists?  I use to work for someone and helped make them a lot of money, why can’t I do that now?  I could quadruple my output!  I can only massage one person an hour but if I had 4 people working for me I could massage 5 people an hour in my new place!!  THIS ROCKS!!! 

What kind of therapists are you looking for?  I mean what kind of characteristics are you wanting the people that you are going to be paying, to possess?  Are they trustworthy?  Do they dress professionally?  Can they massage well?  Are they the kind of person you want to work with every day?  Do they show initiative by doing things on their own?  Do they take criticism constructively? Are they pro-active at finding new clients and bringing them into MY clinic? Are they punctual, do they show up on time?  Do they do more than is asked of them without complaining?  Are they organized?  Do they take care of personal issues so it doesn’t keep them from coming into work?   – Just an example of some of the questions that you might have. 

So now I have one for you — are you the kind of person that you would hire to start the business you have sacrificed so much to attain?  Do you have the quality of characteristics right now, that you would be looking for in someone to come and work in YOUR spa?  It’s a head scratcher I know, and hopefully this scenario will cause you to pause and take a good hard look at yourself and how you really work.  I promise it’s not too late to change. 

It’s not something that happens overnight, but with baby steps.  Do you show up late for work?  Do you always have excuses why you are not on time?  Embrace change.  Organize your life and think ahead and be early from now on.  Do you gossip at work, complain about your boss, complain about what you do?  Stop!!  You can control the words you speak, choose not to be a part of that, and help others by not participating when they start talking!  The change to be this more professional and desirable person begins in your heart – you have to want to change. 

Find a successful a massage therapist and try to figure out what makes them special.  Perhaps you could imitate some of those characteristics and make them part of you. 

None of this is ever going to happen though if you don’t make positive sacrifices now for who you want to become.  

The first baby step would be to graduate.   My advice is to get back to studying…I hear that’s what all successful people do!

Please let us know your thoughts.  Tell us one thing you know you could improve now to make yourself a better employee, student, or manager and therefore a employable person!

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  1. Very good sugestions new tips that I had not thought of and I have spent several years in my previous carreer in Human Resoures. That is why I am here too much stress!!!!!!! Thanks for your tips.

  2. Very good article this is what I think about everyday. By going to class and dealing with them I have been adapted to all the personalities I think is there but I no it can be worse so i will keep planning and treat others how I want to be treated.

  3. All of the points in this article are valid. The need and desire to succeed will be the motivation for me to implement positive change in my life. Good interpersonal relationships with co-workers and clients is an absolute must. Being punctual and professional is conducive to having a good working environment, and leading by example will help to secure said environment. Thanks for this much needed view of the possible future.

  4. Ok, I hope you do not get offended by what I have to say. First, Massage Therapists are a different breed. It is a very physical and spiritual job. Sometimes this can be overwhelming, and I could see waking up some days and just not being able to put your hands on someone. If I owned my own business I would probably hire partially off of their astrological sign, make sure I knew enough about that sign to understand any issues that person may have. I would be there for them. I would be supportive as much as I could until they found their “flow”. I would’nt let them walk all over me though and take advantage of the understanding I was trying to have, but would deffinatly put up with more than most “conservitive” business owners. (Nothing personal conservitives, your way works for a reason!!) So I may not make as much money, but I would be helping to make better people and stronger massage therapists, as long as they were honest with me about what was going on in their life. Seems to me, what I am learning by being in school here, is that most Body Workers are sensitive people. I mean sensitive in the means of “in tune” with their surroundings. They are usually people that function better in a “family” like work enviornment. So I would try to make this as possible without compromising my ethics or morals. Also, if their was an employee of mine that was constantly missing work, or taking advantage of my kindess I would sit them down, one on one, and explain how important it is when a client that enjoys their work is expecting them to be there and they are not there. I would explain to them that I am here to help but that their job could be on the line if they don’t get their act together, because I also want our clients to know they can come to our place and get a therapist that loves what he/she does and does his/her best to be there every scheduled shift. Wheeeew that was a mouth full 🙂

  5. Very good article. Mark sure seems to know what’s up. I recently have been confronted with some things about myself that need to change, and you are absolutely right – it takes a change of heart and mind. Not just telling yourself that you are going to change or have changed. These are great questions to think of. And putting myself in the situation really makes them a little easier to answer. This will be especially helpful in a few months when I am in that boat. Thanks for the info!

  6. My own personal opinion is to build the business, then hire the employees. A lot of times we think of running out and hiring people and really don’t have the clients to keep those we hired busy. Research, research, research!

  7. I’ve thought about this very topic alot since starting school. I’m glad you addressed it. Very good questions and great ideas also, thanks.

  8. There are so many points to consider when opening your own business. Thinking about it all can be a little overwhelming. There are some good points in this, and I know that I have a habit or two that I need to change. Thanks Mark!

  9. I agree its the best question to ask yourself – especially about finding a good role model – I’ve had massages from a range of different therapists and wrote up what I liked and didnt like, what impressed me and what didnt.

  10. First of all, I would like to comment that I would LOVE to hire myself! I consider myself a hard-working, committed employee for each position I have held. That being said, would I want to hire someone just like me? Yes!!!! 🙂

  11. Interesting thoughts, and some of them I have already considered, this course being but a stepping stone toward my Naturopathic degree. However, it does give me food for thought, and I say: Keep ’em coming!

  12. I can’t even reach my own ridiculously high expectations; I doubt anyone else could either. I pity anyone who would have to work for me with my perfectionism.

  13. Not to be cocky but I’m just the person you would want to hire for a new or any business. I’m not perfect I do have my flaws, but at the same time my flaws could work for an advantage. I wouldn’t say I’m a gossiper because I keep it real and tend to tell everyone flat out how I feel. However, you could take it as constructive critizism. I’m business minded and tend to take charge of business matters. I’m very organized so if there’s ever a time I (emphasise on “I”) procastinate its because “I” know there is nothing that’s gonna stand in the way of me making my deadline. My home life never gets in my way, mainly because I am so organized, so I don’t make up silly excuses to miss work or be late. In conclusion, if I was to open my own spa…I’m looking for four to nine more mini-me’s. lol!

  14. I have been thinking these same questions and thoughts for a few months. Its why I made the decision to start now rather than wait. I’m working hard on making the changes now so that I can be ready when I graduate.

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  16. This really made me stop and think about what type of a person i am really. I believe i would hire myself. Thanks for the article very enlightening.

  17. I hope to be this “person”. As I am working on my own, I want to assure those working around me, that it would be safe to recommend me. They see the everyday me, not the one hour one. Working in a “Small town”, your reputation can be down the toilet fast. Or, you can build it, brick by brick.

  18. Yes, this is a very interesting topic. Personally, I generally try to operate in a manner of what I would like to see in others. Of course, I also know that I have flaws and that every one is different. Thus everyone operates differently. This being said I believe that trying to find someone you are willing to hire is easy it deciding if you can continue to work with them and they you.

  19. These are very good questios to ask yourself and to look for in the other therapist you might hire. This is a very interesting article. Now I will think about these quetions during lab.

  20. This was a great article. Every point that was mentioned has been things that I have had on my mind for years. I have slowly worked my way down that list and have pretty much checked them all off. It is a great thing when others make you question yourself whether or not you are a good employee or better yet the right person for that job. Thanks

  21. This was indeed a very great and an informative article. I hope that I too, can be this person to be able to look for in other therapist. Thanks

  22. Not knowing exactly what I’m going to do when I graduate, this was a great article that brought up the basic questions I need to start pondering. I, as does everyone else, have flaws. Some can be improved upon and others can completely change. Eventually, I think I want to be able to run my own massage establishment. In the mean time, I am okay with working on my own or in a spa. I have no expectations of going out and starting my own business, after building up some clientele, immediately upon graduation in September 2011. There is a lot of experience one needs in this field before they are ready to open up their own place, much more so than the experience we gain in school. So my advice, write down the questions listed in this blog and add your own as you think about them. Write down the answers as they come to you. Don’t try to do this all in one sitting or even a week’s time. The best business is one that is well thought out, and that definitely takes some time.

  23. thankyou for the great tips. I have dedicated a lot of time for this so i believe i would be someone i would hire.

  24. hmm this gives me alot to think about. as everyone else i have flaws but i also have my good points too. like i said its something to think about

  25. this is a great blog this week, it’s so easy for us to help each other, but when we have to think about what we need help on it’s not so much fun to blast our insecurities out there. I think I’ve become really used to chair massage at the center and it wasn’t until an event this week that I realized I needed to stop being lazy with my chair massage pressure. Love it when things open your eyes! I also own my own salon and there were a lot of great things I wish I would have had as a check list before hand in this blog, haha! Oh the simple things we learn.

  26. The only thing I could see that I may need to work on to make myself more knowledgeable in the business would be the business aspect in managing my own spa. I don’t think I would even know where to begin in that area. If I was to open up my own practice I would definitely want to go back to school to take business classes. Right now though, that is not my goal. When it comes to hiring an employee I think the person should be professional, responsible, have manners, be able to communicate well, and always be on time. I always apply these things when it comes to any job. I believe you should always finish a job until its done and do your best. This is what I would want in my employees.

  27. This kinda hit me like a water balloon to the face. I never really thought about it to much, and kind of just shoved it to the side and said i will worry about that when i get there. But it doesn’t always tend to work that way. So it really hit me smack dab on the face, are there things i could work on to make myself the best i absolutely know i can be? and right now i know there are some areas were i would be like, yes! i would hire myself because of past work experiences, and school, for example, i show up on time, everyday, i and i do what I’m told no if and or buts about it unless its against the law, or against my religion (which is nothing Ive been asked of so far). but there are other little flaws that would say no, i don’t want to hire myself, because of for example, i can be really moody, and very blunt. So this gives me some things to think about.

  28. I am somebody that I would definately hire. I am puntual, great personality, get along with others well and am dedicated to what I choose to do. I am a perfectionist and therefore it can sometimes be a weakness. I want to either do it perfectly or not AT ALL! This is frustrating and I am learning to do my best and let it go!

  29. I am a very hard worker, I get along well with others, I can work by myself and I am either on time or early. I am very tidy and somewhat of a neat freak. I believe I am very dependable. I am quiet but once I get to know you I am very pleasant to be around. I don’t like to gossip, I would rather talk about how we can better the business or ourselves if needed. These are my qualities I see in myself but everyone is different.

  30. Great article. There was a couple of thing in this article I didn’t even think about. It makes you stop and think. Thanks for giving us something to really think about.

  31. Food for thought. I am a hard worker, I show up on time, sometimes I do complain. This really makes you stop and think about what others see in you. Am I the type of person I would hire. I think I am, lets give me a try!!

  32. I think that as a student I could do some more extra things since I don’t currently have a job. Like go on more chair events or doing extra labs, but my medical issues keep me from doing such things. I do what I can, but I want to do more.

  33. I would definitely hire myself! If there is one thing I could improve on is being able to deligate…I am the type of person that wants to do eveything because I know how I want it done and know it will get dont the right way when I do it. So having other people work with me would make have to trust others that they will follow through on project assigned and get them done ina timely manner to my expectations.

  34. Well that was a lot to think about and a lot to consider. I expect any persons that would be working for me to be on top of there game at all times, and boy do I know life happens, but its just that, life happens and you take care of it. Working as a them means that you all pull your load, things will get done and do the best job for your clients.

  35. Great advice. Just the thoughts that went through my head while ready was awesome. One thing that I know myself that was mentioned that I could work on would be tryin to make it on time as far as work. I seem to make every where else before time need be but never to work. I always seem to have some thing or someone that comes first that needs that extra time I guess you could say. This is something I myself am going to work on.

  36. a very good friend of mine and I have been going back and forth on this very topic for a few months now, she’s been massaging for years and has had some amazing opportunities. We’ve discussed going into business together after I graduate and I suppose that’s the beauty of massage therapy, you can make it into what ever you want it to be. After some long conversations we’ve decided to travel together and build on our knowledge as a team, so when the time comes to open a business, we’ll have a variety and a wider range of techniques to offer our clients. It’s a long, exciting journey and I can’t wait to see who I can work for and learn from.

  37. Very interesting information. I don’t want to say that I know it all but all the effort in finding out what you need for your own business and what it’ll be like and what you need is pretty tough. Definitely would need some help.

  38. This article is full of great things to consider. I believe I do well to maintain professionalism even when other’s do not. I have met a few people whom I would never hire and they are typically the people I think of when considering how not to act. Great article.

  39. Wow! Now for some internal examination of my soul! Great thought provoking, self searching points to think on

  40. Looking for a therapist will be a chore. How ever,our classmates are a good resource. We know their work ethic and skill. So keep phone numbers.

  41. Okay I liked the article, it is very true. All of those things listed help you keep yourself in perspective. I will work on my own little personal flaws and continue my growth as an awesome massage therapist. Thanks!

  42. I would own my own business but first I would to get that more experience so that I would open a business for myself. I wouldn’t hire someone that didn’t know anything about business relations or massage. I would hire someone that knew what they were doing & how they are professional at all times. I do have flaws like everyone else, we all have are good & bad days,so I will just have to overlook certain things about hiring a person.I have a wonderful personality about myself some people can pick up on your energy or not. I try to be professional when I need to be.

  43. This blog was great, it really gets you thinking for future jobs or even if you open your own business. I personally think I’m the type of person that I would like to hire if I ever open my own business. Sure I have a few things I could work on though. One thing I’d like to get better at is being more pro-active at finding new clients and bringing them into wherever I end up working.

  44. Great things to think about. Fortunately, i’m already employed at the place of where I will be practicing. I’ve already made mental notes on how I admire the way my employer runs her business. She is a great example of how I would like to run my own business someday. My coworkers show professionalism, which is encouraging and supports the way I conduct myself. There are so many things to think of when owning a business and by breaking it down, helps to keep it overwhelming and makes it “do-able”.

  45. This prompt made me take a step back and think about what type of person I am,and I feel that I would most definitely hire some one like myself. I am honest, dependable,practical,and ongoing and who wouldn’t hire some one like that.

  46. From a managers stand point, any employees that I would hire would be friendly and willing to learn. That employee would have to be knowledgeable in their field and respectable. Also, a punctual and considerate being. Meaning, that if they had to either leave work early, or they were not going to be able to come in, they should know that a notice ahead of time would need to be given. I would actually hire me. The only reason being is because I have my step father to thank for it. He made me the employee I am today. Honestly, and not to sound full of myself, but if you called any place that I have ever worked, you would NOT get a bad reference. I pride myself in doing a good job and trying to be a good employee. All thanks, again, to my step father for showing me how a good employee should be.

  47. At this point, I would definitely hire myself. I love what I do, I am great with people, I am better organized when I take care of others but so are most people lol. I work very well under pressure and when I can keep busy. I cant wait to enter this field professionally because I know I would be awesome at it. I also want to start my own business eventually and I aim to find people as committed as I am to Massage Therapy.