Are You The Future of Fashion?

When originality meets creativity, you get one thing: Fashion Design. Do you have an eye for innovative design or an artistic eye for creativity? Then Clary Sage’s Fashion Design program is the place for you. Clary Sage’s  facility and students-first mentality ensures that every student achieves their life goals and dreams.

In our Fashion Design program, you will learn to sketch, sew and design patterns, create individual pieces, and invent your very own clothing line. Our hands-on approach, gives student the proper experience they need so they don’t feel ill-equipped after graduating from the program. Students feel reassured, well-prepared, and confident before they enter one of the most competitive industries in the world.

Our curriculum covers areas from Fashion Sketching and Patternmaking, to Merchandising and Retail Management- all using the latest technologies and trends. Our utilization of technology and modern skills provide expert instruction to guide you in the direction of success.

Choose Clary Sage because we will provide you the skills necessary to break into the fashion industry. With cutting edge technology and elite curriculum, you will meet the high standards of the fashion industry. Schedule a tour with us today, or check out our student services to help you get to the place you want to be- Clary Sage.