Back to Basics

As someone who has been in this industry for close to a decade, I sometimes take for granted that many people don’t know the very basics of skin care…..How many times a day should I cleanse my face? Why does oily skin need to have a hydrator/moisturize? What’s the difference between a hydrator and a moisturizer?

Listed below are the major categories of skin care products in order that you should use them and a short description of what they do.

Cleanser– use twice a day; always the first thing; gel cleanser for oily skin, milky cleanser for normal/combo and cream cleanser for dry/sensitive. Everyone should cleanse their face twice, with each cleanse being approx 90 seconds. The first cleanse removes dirt, oil and makeup and the second cleanse actually cleanses the skin. It is soooo important to cleanse your face at night….your body repairs the daily damage you do to it at night. A clean face will assist with the skin repairing process.

Toner– Use in place of the second cleanse; removes the excess cleanser and restores the pH of the skin. Use morning and night after cleansing

Exfoliants– Use 2x per week. Can be chemical, recommended for hyperpigmentation (dark spots) and acne; or can be mechanical, recommended for aging skin. Speeds up cell cycle

Masks– Used 1-2x per week after cleansing. Active ingredients designed for specific needs. Leave on 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly

Eye Cream– Always use right after cleansing. Apply with ring finger (least amount of pressure) going from inner to outer eye. Once or twice a day depending on manufacturer’s recommendations

Treatments– This is the widest category of products ranging from vitamin serums, anti-aging creams, to acne treatments. These products need to go on dry, clean skin. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for how many times per day/week the treatment should be offered.

Moisturizers/Hydrators– Moisturizers add oil to the skin and thus are good for dry skin, lacking oil. Hydrators add water content. Think of a hydrator like a big drink of water for the skin. Hydrators are good for any skin type, but especially should be used for oily skin. Applied daily, morning only.

Sunscreen– Should be applied every day. The average face requires a quarter-size application of sunscreen, so don’t be stingy! Applied over moisturizer in the morning only