Ease The Pain

Body Rolling

By Sharon Truelove

Want to ease those aches & pains; or better yet prevent them?

Body Rolling is a therapeutic self-care practice that can help prevent headaches, low back problems, and tension from repetitive stress in the back, neck, and shoulders.

Using a two-pound Pilates ball:

  • Lie on it and allow your body weight to sink into it
  • Roll gently back and forth to help release muscle tension

To alleviate backache at your computer during the day, place the ball between your low back & the chair & lean against it.


6 thoughts on “Ease The Pain”

  1. I can see where this would be a useful practice; and I could actually see myself using it on a regular basis. Could this be adapted for use in a car, as well?

      1. I had to do some of these exercises and these pictures make them look easy, but they are not. They do help if you do them daily or often.