Best products for an at-home spa day

While we fully believe that having a fulfilling personal day does not require any money spent, we also know certain products could help maximize your time off! Here are a few staples we keep on hand for the days spent in!


  1. A trusted face mask

Not much completes a spa day like a good, old-fashioned face mask. Find a face to fit your needs for that moment; some days, we need a little extra moisture, and others we could use something to pull out all the dirt and oils of the past week. 

  1. A nourishing leave-in conditioner

Don’t neglect your hair! Invest in a leave-in conditioner or hair mask that you can apply to your hair for days like these. Apply generously, tie it up with a scrunchy, and embrace the day off!

  1. A neutral nail polish (and a base coat)

Refreshing your manicure is a simple but easy way to boost your spa day to the best it can be. If your old polish is chipping away, start fresh with a new coat! And don’t forget the base coat – protect those nails!

  1. An uplifting book or magazine

Find yourself a publication that aligns with the type of person you want to be! We love Netflix, but sometimes the most filling moments are quiet ones that build yourself. Whether you want to learn more about cooking or investing or parenting, there are so many resources out there that offer incredible insight. Do some digging!


However you choose to celebrate yourself, we hope your day off is as relaxing as you dreamed it would be!