Financing your future

We realize going to school can be a stretch on your wallet. Tuition can be daunting, and often a reason to skip on education. We want to help.

Of course, loans are an option, but we wanted to list the ways you can finance your education that don’t involve debt.

We talked to some of our staff in financial aid and asked about opportunities to make financing your future more doable! So here are a few ways to save some money on your education:


Internal scholarships

Community Higher Ed offers a number of internal scholarships to potential students, such as The Founder’s Merit Scholarship, the Brighter Future Presidential Scholarship, and the Pay It Forward Scholarship. Talk to the admissions department to find out if you qualify for any of these!

Program Scholarships

Many of our programs have a number of scholarships available to their specific field. Programs like Esthetics and Massage Therapy can sometimes be financed with outside scholarships. Our Financial Aid department can tell you more!

Specific Scholarships

There are many scholarships that aim to meet the need of specific demographics. These scholarships include disabilities scholarships, tribal scholarships, veteran’s scholarships, and women’s scholarships.

General Scholarships

There are so many websites out there that dedicate quite a bit of effort to providing scholarships to students, such as,, and Set aside a day to apply for these scholarships – who knows? You might just get some money back on that invested time!


We absolutely want for you to come to school without the weight of financial burden. We want you to have a blast in your classes and not worry about where tuition is coming from. So we hope you take advantage of these resources.