Co-Enzyme Q 10

By: Christen Brummett

Co-enzyme Q 10 is also called Ubiquinone and is usually abbreviated CoQ 10. This natural supplement has been used for years to help promote the health and beauty of the skin and the entire body. CoQ 10 is said to help reverse aging and damage in the skin, fight free radicals, prevent cancer, and new research in Japan is showing that this little ingredient might even be able to reverse deafness! I will say that anytime I hear such outlandish claims about an ingredient my internal “skeptic radar” starts going off. How could something possibly do all of these amazing things? Well, the science behind this small, amazing  ingredient supports these claims…
Our cells are the basic unit of life and almost all cells contain mitochondria. This small organelle, mitochondria, are the energy producers of the body. They produce a specific substance called ATP (adenine triphosphate). ATP is used in every cell for anything from movement to division, replication, and repair. ATP is absolutely essential to do all necessary functions in our body. CoQ 10 helps to speed this process along. So….if we have more CoQ 10 then we have an ability to form ATP quicker. For skin care, the increased ATP production allows for newer, healthier cells to get to the top of the skin quicker, and repair the daily damage from pollutants, UV rays and other free radical damage.

Co Q 10 can be taken internally, in a pill form, for the optimal skin results it is recommended to be applied topically.