How To Determine Your Design Style

Designing your home is a very fun and exciting time that can sometimes be a little nerve-racking. How are you supposed to decide on a design style when there are some many beautiful home décor items and design styles? Do I want mid-century modern, art deco, rustic, a mix of a few styles? I get your frustration, so I decided to help.

I sat down with Rebekah Ploch the Interior Design Department Head at Clary Sage College for a few tips on what you can do to help determine your design style.

If you’re working with an Interior Designer, most will use a client questionnaire with tons of questions that help narrow down a client’s style. They will then show a series of photographs to the client and have them rank them from favorite to least favorite to help the designer (and you) understand your design style to produce a room/home you’ll love.

If you are not working with a designer, here are a few easy things people can do at home to help determine their design style.



It’s really easy to lose your sense of style on massive websites like Pinterest. Start a new board and ask yourself before you pin a photo “Is this how I want my house to feel?” It will help you and your designer identify your favorite style elements quickly.


If you think you love an area rug in the store, open your board and see if you pinned something similar. If not, chances are you don’t really love the rug, you just love the way the store displayed it.


Usually, when you put them together a theme starts to develop. This is the perfect time to donate the items that are just taking up space! If you don’t love it, let it go.

These three tips should get you well on your way to determining your design style! If you would like some help from the pros, check out our Interior Design service menu.

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