How To Pack for Your Vacation

Going on vacation is awesome. You get to dip out from your normal day-to-day and enjoy something totally different. Whether that’s a trip to the beach, back-packing through Europe or a weekend getaway – vacations rock.

You know what doesn’t always rock? Packing for your vacation. There is always that fear of forgetting something, bringing too many or not enough clothing, being without something you need or want, etc.

Well, our Fashion Design Department Head Dyana Harrison has a few tips and tricks to make packing for any vacation a breeze!


I always decide on a color palette, (blacks and greys, whites and neutrals etc.) when I go a trip depending on where I’m going and the mood I am in. I can mix and match all the pieces I bring to get multiple uses out of each item.

Don’t Overpack

I have learned over the years that simplifying what you pack is essential. I make a list of every outfit I will wear (usually a day outfit and a night outfit), and I do not veer from my list when packing. Not only does it keep the packing to a minimum, you don’t have to decide what to wear once you are on the trip.

Pack Comfortable Shoes

This is a no-brainer. Every time I have packed shoes that are not comfortable – but I feel like I must bring to go with an outfit – I never end up wearing them. I will usually bring one color of shoe in three styles – boots, heels and flats and wear the heaviest pair on the plane.

Pack Items That Don’t Wrinkle

There are some great tips out there on how to pack your clothes without them wrinkling, but if you choose not to read up on this, I suggest bringing items that do not wrinkle much.

Always Bring A Just In Case Outfit

When traveling you never know what might come up, so always be prepared. I suggest bringing a bathing suit and at least one special occasion outfit.