Don’t Let the Package Fool You | Your Guide to Hair Extensions

So, you’re looking to buy hair extensions. You go to the beauty supply store and look around online. You then discover there are many different kinds of hair extensions, how do you decide what kind to choose? Here are a few things to look for to help you decide which hair extensions are right for you.

100% Human Hair

This is the most misleading wording on a package of hair. We’ve all seen the packages that say “100% Human Hair!” really large on the labeling. Making you believe that it is 100 percent human hair. What they’re not telling you is this could simply mean there is one strand of 100% human hair in the package. About 90% of hair companies sell what is known as a master mix or blend. This is a blend of Kanekalon hair and human hair. Kanekalon hair is a man made fiber that closely resembles human hair and can withstand high heat for styling. To make sure you know whether this is 100% human hair or a blend of Kanekalon hair, be sure to read the fine print.


The term remy or turned hair simply means that the cuticles of hair are facing the same way (down), making the hair easier to work with. Turning the hair is a time consuming process that increases the cost of the hair extensions.

Virgin Hair

This is a huge one. Virgin hair simply means hair that has never been chemically treated. So you cannot have virgin hair in unnatural colors, with highlights or an ombre. When you see the term virgin on packaging and the hair is colored, you know that is false advertisement.

Natural Hair

This term is not as popular as the others but you may see it from time to time. This is simply a fancy word for yak hair which comes from the domestic ox of Asia and Tibet.

Now which type of extensions you decide to use is completely up to you!