How To Get Your Dream Job | The Interview

You’ve peaked their interest….now what?

You’ve been called for interview!  They want to learn more about you and find out if you are what they are looking for, GREAT JOB!

For your first interview you want to make sure you present yourself in manner that is professional, educated, and of course polite.

  1. Dress for Success: Present yourself in a clean organized fashion, dress professional and well groomed. Stay away from casuals such as jeans, flip flops, tee shirts, hats.
  2. Make Eye Contact: Interviews can be nerve-wracking I know, and nervousness is not always seen as a bad thing, after all you wouldn’t be nervous if you didn’t really want the job would you? One of the hardest things to do when you are nervous is to make direct eye contact, and when I am interviewing a candidate one of my biggest distractions is having someone who won’t look at me for longer than 5 seconds.
  3. Speak Clearly and at a Normal Level: Mumbling and quiet voices show nervousness and lack of confidence, be sure to speak where your interviewer can understand you. Sit tall and speak up, you’ve got this.
  4. Show Passion During Your Interview: Hearing “yes” and “no” over and over again is dull and boring.  We want to know the passion and reasoning behind you choice. Hearing a back story shows passion, and love for your craft, give a meaningful backstory reason for your answer and you’ll see your interviewers eyes light up!

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