DIY: Effortless Updo


We are so excited to share this Effortless Updo with you! Updo’s are a classic look, that can be a bit intimidating, but they don’t have to be. All you need to complete this elegant look is: a hair clip, rubber band, bobby pins, a curling iron and a shaping hair spray. (We used Clary Shape)

Step 1. Part your hair in half, horizontally, clipping the top half together. Step 2. Take the bottom portion of hair and create a loose bun.

Step 3. Curl the top portion of your hair. Step 4. Once the top portion is completely curled – spray to create hold.

Step 5. Pin back each curl, anchoring it to the bun you created. Step 6. Twist and pin each curl until you get your desired look! Finish with a final freeze spray, and you have an elegant, effortless updo! Would you try this look? Share your pictures with us!


Credits// Author: Chelsey Mohundro. Photography: Destanee Sandsness

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