What to Expect in Massage Therapy

In a world of madness, inflation, societal grief, and political debate, it is an ever-increasing difficulty to silence the woes of the world. Stress and anxiety are on the rise as health inhibitors, creating all kinds of negative effects on the body. Many times it is nearly impossible to get the relaxation and help needed to give the body relief from the madness of everyday living.

Do you have a passion for health and relaxation? Perhaps you have witnessed some of the painful repercussions of stress and the exasperating toll anxiety can take on the body. Do you dream of helping others in the sports field with health and preventative stress techniques? Then the Massage Therapy program at Clary Sage is the perfect place for you. Massage Therapy enables students to help others with health and wellness techniques through massage. Our program provides hands on expertise so you are able to not only learn the different techniques of massage, but also see the effects for yourself in real-life application scenarios.

Clary Sage creates the connections needed to get you on the right path to work towards a career that is right for you. Achieve master proficiency through learning a variety of different techniques including: Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Hydrotherapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, East Asian Spa Treatments, Deep Tissue Massage, and Physical Therapy/Stretching. Clary Sage is one of the few  accredited programs in the region for massage. Our curriculum also covers the anatomy and physiology of the body as it relates to soft tissue injury and treatment.

On top of a unique college culture, students at Clary Sage also have the opportunity to give back to the community while in our program. The Massage Therapy program has a history of giving back to the community by providing massages for several Tulsa organizations including the Iron Gate, John 3:16, and  The Food Bank. Clary Sage cares about the wellness of others, and provides opportunities for students to do the same.

Massage Therapists have an important role in the growing fields of preventative healthcare and sports and wellness systems. At Clary Sage, we equip you to become the best therapist you can be. Our Massage Therapy program creates open doors for the career you always wanted. With flexible classroom schedules and elite training programs, we can make your dream a reality. Schedule a tour with us today to see if Clary Sage is the right place for you!

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