How to Radiate Confidence

We all want to be successful in life – whether it is that big job interview for your dream career or that project presentation for a crucial class; our success is dependent on how we perform. At Clary Sage, we teach you the necessities for your trade – but we don’t stop there. We equip you with the tools and skills you need to acquire the dream job after you graduate. We know a thing or two about success. One of the major keys to success is confidence.

The way you present yourself in trying times portrays a lot about how you will handle circumstances in life. We have a few quick tips that will help you radiate confidence. Become a person full of confidence, not only in life, but the job hunt and workplace.

Learn a New Language… Learn Body Language.

Your body language is the first thing another person notices about you. Your demeanor is key to communicating your confidence, and self-assuredness in what you verbally communicate.

Take a stand.

Stand up straight and uncross your arms. This makes you approachable and immediately positions you in a stance of a leader.  

Make eye contact.

Eye contact is absolutely necessary for making a lasting impression. Eye contact welcomes one into the conversation, showing them that you are a person of character, honesty, and transparency, and that you are not trying to hide anything. Eye contact not only works wonders in the workplace, but also in your personal date life. Eye contact is the key to connection.

Speak up.

Talk clearly and loud enough for listeners so that they can hear what you are saying comfortably. After all, your opinion matters. Don’t forget that you are an important person and what you need to say is valuable.

Get on a Mission.

Take time to write a mission statement for your life. Think about what you want your purpose to be in life. If you could contribute one thing to the world, what would it be? Your goals and priorities should all align with achieving your mission statement. Having a vision for your goals in life will help you navigate through the hard times of disappointment, closed doors, and even rejection. Just remember, a closed door doesn’t mean that the right door isn’t open just around the corner.

Pick Your Team.

Remaining confident in hard times and in failures is much easier to do when you surround yourself with people who are optimistic and genuinely support your vision. Be picky about the friends you let speak into your life. Find people who are optimistic and will encourage you when your feel discouraged. You are who you hang out with- so be wise when you are choosing your friends and mentors. Your “team” will help keep your head up in hard times, and will also provide encouragement to boost and maintain your confidence.

With these simple steps, you can radiate confidence in your life and work place. Don’t let interviews intimidate you- they are simply an opportunity to reveal what an asset you can be to a company. Clary Sage instills confidence into students through hands-on experience and the latest curriculum. Graduate not only feel prepared with proper knowledge and experience, but they are also interview ready when they receive their diplomas. Check out Clary Sage today and radiate confidence like you have always dreamed.