Fall Fashion DOs and DON’Ts

Fall 2016 is here! That doesn’t simply mean corn mazes and pumpkin pie. Fall means runway fashion is here and it is time to strut the latest. But let’s face it, not all fashion is fabulous. Sashay shamelessly with these tips to make sure you are ready for autumn’s finest. This fall we have the dos and don’ts to help you achieve fashion flair instead of a fashion flop.

DON’T stick to one designer resulting in a matchy-matchy outfit. Be brave and switch it up. Mix Chanel with Kate Spade. Try Saint Laurent with Gucci. Too much of the same, matchy-matchy is a major “no-no” this fall.


DON’T go too crazy with this fall’s Americana look. Just because the U.S. flag inspires the style, doesn’t mean you need to literally wear the American flag. Use stripes sparingly and keep your look simple and classic. Red lipstick, a navy sweater and your favorite denim perfectly display your patriotism with taste. Be inspired by the flag, but don’t become the flag.


DON’T be afraid to mix and match patterns, textures, and styles. But DON’T wear a costume. Try pairing fur with leather, vintage chandelier earrings with a button-up oxford, or stilettos with denim. Don’t overdo it with too many neon colors, childish patterns, or faux fur. The goal is for the eye to wander over every piece of the outfit, taking in each pattern before gazing at the next textile. The result is similar to how one looks at a piece of art- while each part of the painting contributes to the entire piece of art, one can stand back, take in the entire scene, and see a masterpiece.


DO splurge for some statement booties. Classic black is versatile, but oh so boring. Spice up your outfit with statement booties from a wide selection of autumn’s array of textures, colors, and bold prints. These kicks are sure to make you stand out in a crowd.


DO wear denim. Reconstructed denim in all forms is the perfect texture pairing for any outfit. Reconstructed trousers and denim coats are our favorites in the denim department this fall. Different jean patterns create an artsy look, while a solid denim coat becomes a foundational piece for balancing an outfit.


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