Are You A Makeup Artist at Heart

Let’s be honest. We all have that one friend that we all turn to when we need our makeup to be absolutely perfect for a date, party, cocktail party or wedding. We are talking about that one bridesmaid who is the last one ready at every wedding because he or she is scrambling to help everyone else look flawless for that special day.

Maybe that friend is you. Is your YouTube feed filled with makeup tutorials that you’ve spent hours watching and trying for yourself? Then Clary Sage may be the perfect place for you. Our Makeup Artistry program is broad ranged, preparing you with the skills and techniques to perfect any look – from daytime to special effects makeup, Clary Sage equips students to become the role of a makeup artist.

Do you think outside of the box? Meet people just like you, with the same dreams and aspirations at Clary Sage College.


The Makeup Artistry program at Clary Sage covers a broad range of makeup techniques, including day and evening makeup, wedding and special events makeup, latex, rubber, prosthetics and character makeup, as well as film and television makeup application. Our program is unique with hands on experience and elite teaching skills to ensure you have the tools you need to become a makeup artist. We are especially unique in that we also include an additional emphasis placed on professionalism and portfolio building, so graduates are well prepared to enter the field after graduation. We want to give you the tools you need to not only graduate, but to have the job of your dreams.

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