Find the Logo!

By: Michelle Wamego

Recently our students have had their merchandising and fashion sketching courses. In their phase two merchandising course the students study logo branding for designers and lines so that the customer can easily identify and associate specific qualities with the logo. The students become familiar with the different logos for fashion companies. And in their phase one fashion sketching class they learn about the different styles of sketching and illustrating fashion ideas to communicate them, and capture the interest of the viewer. While searching for some artists different styles to show as examples I came across a wonderful illustrator, Julie Verhoeven, who has a background in fashion design and fashion illustration.

Artist Julie Verhoeven combined her talent of illustration, and the awareness of logo branding in a most engaging piece of work. She created this for Dazed and Confused, the Annual, 2001. It’s called “Find the Fashion Logo”; where she has hidden 28 different fashion/clothing logos in her drawing. It is very fun to search and identify each one. We in the fashion department have yet to find them all; why don’t you give it a try…

Visit her site for more of her whimsical and intriguing art.