Good Vibrations | Tuning Fork Therapy

Hey everyone! So, for some reason, I was having a hard time writing this blog. I am not sure why since vibration and sound healing seems to be becoming a passion of mine.

I am always looking into new modalities to add into my massage therapy toolbox and had run across an email about a seminar on Sound Healing. I figured it was worth looking into – and the rest is history, so to speak. My journey into this modality is far from over, but I thought I would share my thoughts and experiences thus far.

When I saw the term “Sound Therapy,” I thought they were talking about just music. Not so my friends! There is a whole field out there designed to bring proper vibrations into every cell of our body and to cause changes for the better at the molecular level. Some of the new research out there is very intriguing. I’d like to share two quotes with you that gave me that extra little shove into sound therapy:

On such things as matter, we have all been wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”—Albert Einstein

Space is not empty. It is full, a plenum as opposed to a vacuum, and is the ground for the existence of everything, including ourselves. The universe is not separate from this cosmic sea of energy.”—David Bohm

I am constantly explaining to people that the things we feel and see as solid are not reality. Every single thing is vibrating and how we feel it and see it is dependent on how fast or slow those things are vibrating at the subatomic level. Crazy, right?  But science has proven it. Every sound we hear and experience from the time we are an embryo affects us. We use expressions like, “She has a great vibe.”  Or, “His vibe really creeped me out.”  There is so much truth in that. We feel these vibrations. Things resonate with us. Get where I’m going?

There are a bunch of different ways to use and administer sound therapy, music, singing bowls, voice, tuning forks, and much more.

I have personally chosen tuning fork therapy. There are different types of tuning forks, all in different hertz depending on the intent of the healing session. (Too many to list here.)  I use a chakra set, a Selfeggio set (my favorite), and a weighted tuning fork, which are used for tone but also can be used on tight muscles. It’s a very simple yet powerful modality.

The cool thing they are finding out about sound, vibrational, and tuning fork therapy is that it changes cell shapes. Cells can also be turned on and off. They have proven this trough electron microscopesI love when science can back up our modalities that seem out of the norm.

It’s hard to show you guys a treatment via a blog, but I did take some pictures of me with Bridget Brock to give you a general idea. There are also numerous ways to perform a tuning fork therapy session. I personally don’t believe after all of my research that there is a wrong way. Cells actually have receptors to receive and use vibration. Vibration is one of the ways that our cells talk to each other. They know how to use any vibration once we introduce it. Hence I feel it is foolproof.


So the pictures you see here are two of the ways that you will see forks being used. One is above and around the body. The other way is applying them directly to the body. And yes, that is a hockey puck you see me holding. Only please call them a “tuning fork activator.” Kidding! They do call them that but it is what it is – a hockey puck!

There are a lot of different courses out there if you are interested in pursuing this modality. I highly, highly recommend it as the person administering the session also receives healing. There’s no way around that. Our cells love the vibrations, too!

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