How to care for your makeup brushes

Sometimes, it can be hard to remember the small things.
Cleaning our makeup brushes is definitely one of those small, easily forgettable things. But should we remember to take care of our brushes, it can mean so much to the overall look and health of our skin. Clean makeup brushes can help to prevent the spread of oils and bacteria across the face.

One of our instructors, Kat, speaks to best practices for brush cleaning:

Clean your makeup brushes after every use with brush cleaner. Shampoo them once a week with a gentle brush cleanser or even baby shampoo. Cleansers with less products help keep the brushes soft and will help retain their shape as they dry. Usually makeup brushes are adhered to the handle (ferrule) with hot glue.

Make sure to release as much water as possible, or dry upside down, so the water comes out of the brush. Repeated free standing water in there will break down the glue and that is how makeup brushes break so easily.

Take care of those pretty faces, friends!