4 practices to do right now to take care of YOU

We are ALL about self care. But often, self care can be marketed as only achieved through expensive purchases. But here is your reminder: the expenses aren’t necessary. We believe that real self care requires emotional labor, and we also believe YOU can do it.

These practices are most likely simple reminders for you, and not anything new. But we think they are worth repeating, because they are just that good. So store this away for a stressful day, and use as a reference list as needed.
Here are a few things to help declutter your headspace. It’s time to invest back into yourself!

Put on comfortable clothing.
This might seem obvious, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded. A great first step to a clear mind is to be comfortable. It’s simple and important.
Get yourself outside.
Fall is the perfect time to embrace the outdoors. We’ve been practicing putting down Netflix and taking quiet walks (or, honestly, even just sitting outside). Taking frequent deep breaths. Simply thinking. Give it a shot; you might be shocked as to how refreshed you feel.
Spend a full night away from your phone.
Whether this means calling up friends to come over and have a movie night, or dusting off that half-read book you’ve been wanting to finish, we recommend putting down the phone for a while. A night away from the Instagram models could mean so much for your mind.
Organize your week.
Carve some time out of a day each week (Saturday, Sunday, whichever one works for you), and prepare for the coming week. This can include anything from meal prep to laundry, homework to tidying the house. These simple (but intentional) actions can help you to feel on top of your responsibilities and make space for yourself. Then, take a deep breath. You did it.