How To: Fancy Top Knot

Top knots are taking over. Chances are you’ll see a couple anytime you go anywhere, and there is a definite reason why — top knots are trendy, cute and really easy to do. Pretty much anyone can pull off a cute top knot. (As long as you can pull your hair on top of your head.)

I’ll admit it, I go to this hairstyle often when I’m in a hurry or it’s particularly hot outside. But I’ve never thought to wear a top knot to any sort of occasion. Just when running to the store or for coffee.

Here is a super cute top knot, you could definitely wear to a fancier occasion.

Front How To: Fancy Top Knot

1. Flip your hair over and place in a bun on top of your head.
2. Pull a strand from the back of your bun and braid it.

Back with Step

3. Wrap the braid around your bun and pin it in the back with a bobby pin.
4. Spray a little hairspray to help hold it and you’re done!

ProfileThere you have it, a easy and cute hairstyle that will take you under 5 minutes!