Travel Light, Look Good |10 Items to Complete Your Traveling Makeup Bag

Packing is the worst part of a trip. (Here’s a quick packing guide to help!) Figuring out what to bring and how to pack it all in a limited number of bags is a drag. Filling your makeup bag can also be a bit of a bummer. Do you bring it all or only a few things? How do you know?!

Here are 10 items to put in your travel makeup bag for you to travel light and look good.

  1. Primer – Primer sets the base for your makeup. It evens your skin, making applying foundation easier. You can even grab a primer with a 30SPF to protect your skin while priming.
  2. Foundation – Foundation is a great way to even your skin tone and cover any problem areas.
  3. Powder – Powder helps set your makeup and leaves a polished look. Pigmented or translucent will work.
  4. Blush – Don’t forget to throw your favorite shade of blush in your makeup bag to give a little color to your cheeks.
  5. Bronzer – Really into adding definition? Throw in your bronzer for your nights out on vacation.
  6. Eye Shadow Palette – Grab your favorite eye shadow palette, one with a couple options is a plus!
  7. Eyeliner – Pencil, gel or liquid – eyeliner is the perfect way to take your look from day to night.
  8. Mascara – Your eyes will instantly pop after a coat or two of mascara.
  9. Lip Gloss – Don’t forget your lips! Throw in your favorite shade of gloss to wear while you’re out shopping or sight-seeing.
  10. Lipstick – Planning a night out while on your trip? Pack a tube of lipstick to match your outfit to really jazz up your makeup for night.

And there you have it. My ten suggestions to throw in your makeup bag sure to fit any traveling occasion. While packing your toiletries bag, don’t forget to throw any items that could leak into a plastic bag!