How to make a bow with nail art By: Debbie Rahman Evening NT student

  • Start out with a nude base lacquer over all 10 fingers
  • Dab little dots along the stress point of the nail in the shape of a bow. Making sure to form a ball in the middle of the bow shape.
  • Next outline in little black dots along the bow, then connect the dots to make your straight line.
  • Go around the ball in the middle of the bow.
  • Now put a dot in the middle of the ball and a V shape in the bow part with the point of the V near the ball.
  • All that’s left on your fingers is to place a top coat on the nail after the paint dries.
  • If you are wanting your toes to match you can polish all the little toes with a solid color, like in the photo and place your bow on the big toe then top it off with a top coat.

Now you can go out in style with your cute little bow tips!

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