How To Make Loose Curls

Loose curls are the perfect hairstyle — you can wear them anywhere and look flawless. From the workplace, to school, to date night, beautiful loose curls are in. So I thought, why not show you how to create this beautiful, easy look? Yep, easy! You should be able to get these lovely loose curls in about 15 minutes.

Step One. Part your hair in half down the middle, pulling each side forward.
Step Two. Pick a side to start on, and divide that section into three sections. (Two if you have thin hair.)
Step Three. Begin curling the bottom section, alternating curling away from your face and towards your face. (Pro Tip: You want to curl the curls closest to your face, away from your face.)
Step Four. Once you finish curling one layer move onto another, until your whole head is curled.
Step Five. Now that all of your hair is curled, lightly run your fingers through your hair to break up your curls a little.
Step Six. Lightly spray your curls with a holding hairspray. You’re done!

Cute and simple, what more could you ask for?! How do you curl your hair?

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