Do you know what is in your facial products? Or even what ingredients are good for your skin?

First, ingredients are listed in the order of concentration. So look for the “good stuff” at the beginning of your list instead of the end. Look for this “good stuff” in your products.

Water– great for oily skin
Plant extract (Example: extract of tea) which will be predominately water.
Humectant – adds hydration to the skin; examples Glycerin and Propylene glycol
Emulsifier– keeps product blended; examples Stearic acid Glycerol monosterate
Moisturizers– add oil to the skin; examples Oils or Emollients

After this, ingredients at less than 1% are listed; they will include actives such as:  vitamins, antioxidants, and immune boosters

Last will be ingredients at less than 0.5%, include colors (listed as D & C), fragrances, and preservatives