Two Minute Stress Buster Vacation

Two Minute Stress Buster Vacation

The simple technique I’m about to describe to you will help you take advantage of the mind-body connection by releasing stress and improving your overall health and attitude. No special equipment is needed and with only a little practice you can become proficient in this stress relief technique.

Let’s get started…

The first step is to sit with your back straight but not tense. If you can, loosen any clothing that feels tight around your waist. Close your eyes and imagine a place that you love or a smell that you love.  


  Next inhale slowly through your nose. Exhale slowly and completely through your mouth. Now try it.
With your next breath focus on bringing the air deeply and fully into your lungs. While you’re learning this breathing technique it’s a good idea to place one hand below your ribs so you can “feel” the breath. When you inhale, allow that hand to expand outwards. The idea here is to let the diaphragm descend into the abdominal cavity. When you exhale, your hand will return to its original position as the diaphragm relaxes and ascends to its starting position. It may feel strange at first, and it may take some practice, but just be patient and allow yourself to experience the benefits of this new/old way of breathing. After you learn what it “feels” like you no longer need to use your hands below your ribs and can place them comfortably in your lap.

There’s just one more step to take…

Once you have practiced the above way of breathing, begin to count the inhalation and exhalation. Start to a count to 5 seconds on the inhalation, hold to the count of 5 seconds and exhale to the count of 5 seconds. With practice increase the count to 10 or higher.

In just a short time you will become proficient in this breathing technique and will find the benefits so noticeable and agreeable that you will take this little stress buster vacation often during the course of your day.    

Enjoy the trip.

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