Two Minute Stress Buster Vacation

Two Minute Stress Buster Vacation

The simple technique I’m about to describe to you will help you take advantage of the mind-body connection by releasing stress and improving your overall health and attitude. No special equipment is needed and with only a little practice you can become proficient in this stress relief technique.

Let’s get started…

The first step is to sit with your back straight but not tense. If you can, loosen any clothing that feels tight around your waist. Close your eyes and imagine a place that you love or a smell that you love.  


  Next inhale slowly through your nose. Exhale slowly and completely through your mouth. Now try it.
With your next breath focus on bringing the air deeply and fully into your lungs. While you’re learning this breathing technique it’s a good idea to place one hand below your ribs so you can “feel” the breath. When you inhale, allow that hand to expand outwards. The idea here is to let the diaphragm descend into the abdominal cavity. When you exhale, your hand will return to its original position as the diaphragm relaxes and ascends to its starting position. It may feel strange at first, and it may take some practice, but just be patient and allow yourself to experience the benefits of this new/old way of breathing. After you learn what it “feels” like you no longer need to use your hands below your ribs and can place them comfortably in your lap.

There’s just one more step to take…

Once you have practiced the above way of breathing, begin to count the inhalation and exhalation. Start to a count to 5 seconds on the inhalation, hold to the count of 5 seconds and exhale to the count of 5 seconds. With practice increase the count to 10 or higher.

In just a short time you will become proficient in this breathing technique and will find the benefits so noticeable and agreeable that you will take this little stress buster vacation often during the course of your day.    

Enjoy the trip.

39 thoughts on “Two Minute Stress Buster Vacation”

  1. Thanks a bunch for continually chnllenging us to be our best. What helpful infor mation to have, that I can be stress fre and productive with some mass of normalcy.

  2. Perfect timing. Stressed getting my new room in sapulpa ready to open after Labor day. It is a tanning/toning/beauty shop place. I can’t wait to get started but my asthma has acted up and the breathing is VERY important to me. I have taught many this, due to my dads passing of emphysema. Thank you.

  3. I need to spend more time perfecting this. With the stress of 16+ hour workdays, school, and two kids there isnt much me time. This may be enough to get me through.

  4. Sweet…we should do this during Yoga Thursday for the newbies. We’ve done the breathing exercise before but adding in the vacation spot and smell made the breathing concentration even better.

  5. Thanks, was just stressed and furious with something and then I open my email to this…tried it and WOW wonderful now!!

  6. Incredible. So stressed today, did the two minute vacation and voila! Amazing. I love my teachers. 🙂

  7. Wow, this came at just the perfect time. I was just sitting down to try to unwind from a very stressful day, and opened this up. It really helps you to refocus and realign yourself.

  8. I’m happy to say this info was excellent for me today. Today was a bad stressful day and to do these steps 3 times today helped me out a lot. Thanks.

  9. 2 Minute Stress buster

    Thanks for sharing this technique. It has been a while since I have practiced a deep breathing exercise. I used to meditate on a regular basis, but sometimes life gets in the way. I will try this exercise at least once a day.

  10. Well between raising two kids, a husband, going to school, and working full time. This is very much what i need to learn. I honestly don’t think people take care of themselves and destress enough. Thanks so much for sharing this technique.

  11. This is a wonderful exercise and I really enjoyed learning about it a couple of months ago, actually. I use it when I am feeling stressed or just need a minute to myself to gather my thoughts… often a modified version while driving, because traffic stresses me out more than almost anything else, ha!

  12. I have not done this in quite awhile. I need to get back into this. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  13. Now Ross, when i inhale with one of my hand on my ribs what about the other hand?lol…this technique seems to work better than others i heard of..It’s been stressful for me past few days. So me and some of my family members are trying this technique right now.

  14. You know iv tried some of the breathing techniques to help my self with my anxiety attacks and it hasnt really seemed to help me yet. But I did see a technique on here that Im gunna try using. Thsnk you!

  15. thank you so much for this! It will come to good use when i feel like im about to explode! you know so i dont lose my job:) thanks again!

  16. This is a very beneficial technique. I also read a book one time that used specific breathing patterns to raise metabolism. I know it works, but I can’t remember how long each breath was supposed to be. Either way it’s amazing to think of all the things that a person can accomplish simply by controlling their breathing in a certain way. This particular technique would lend itself very easily to self hypnosis with a few tweaks and some practice. Great blog, Laura.

  17. This is a lot like our yoga. I think this stress reliever is very helpful and will be good homework to give to a stressed client.

  18. This is very good information! I am going to do this everytime I feel stress or when I need to calm down and control my breathing.

  19. It’s a good way to meditate. It’s almost like a small form for yoga. I feel that it’s really beneficial. I have tried it. I can actually sat that it really does relieve stress. 😀

  20. My son got married Saturday and I need a vacation after that. A trip to Arkansas, studying, family to entertain, cake to make. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This exercise how allowed me to relax and get stuff done.

  21. This is a great technique to do that calms and refreshes your body! I will use the everyday this week!

  22. Not only do I find these exercises helpful physically and mentally, it makes me S L O W down for a few moments during the day!

  23. This is very helpful when i need a break from a thought or moment in my day! I really liked this exercise today in class for the lab demo!! I will use this a lot to help me deal with hard situations!

  24. I found that when I did this exercise, afterward, I felt more awake, rejuvenated if you will. I am sure I will use this technique a lot now that I am back in school.

  25. This technique has come in handy quite a bit lately. Good thinking on the vacation spot, even more relaxing! Going to try to keep this technique up more thorughout the week

  26. It’s true, it works. I like how it makes me feel when I’m not tired, leaves me clear and energized for the rest of the day.

  27. This is so good. Everytime I do it, I feel so much better. Thanks, Ross! We just need to breathe. 🙂