Let’s Talk About Overalls.

Trends and trendiness is an interesting idea to me. Things that are trendy can come and go in a moments notice. And you know, I’m kinda okay with that. Maybe because I myself – an average girl with interesting fashion taste – don’t really worry about what’s on trend. If I like something, I like it. Regardless if it’s trendy.

You’re probably asking, if I don’t care about trends, why do they interest me? Well, because they always seem to come back around. It’s 2015 and everywhere I look I see 1996 staring back at me. No need to worry, I can totally get behind some 1996 fashion (like hello, please give me these Nasty Gal platforms).

Aside from platforms, I have noticed a few other 90’s trends making their way into Forever 21 – including overalls.

Images c/o girlsloveoveralls.tumblr.com

I have to be honest, aside from the blue corduroy Tweety overalls I had when I was 6, they’ve never really been my thing, but now I really dig them. Like, I want to go buy a pair right now. Maybe trends do get to me more than I realize?

What do you think? Will overalls make their way into your closet?