Food Vibration | Why It Matters

Are you ready for another way to think about your food? One of the reasons I wanted to hit on this subject is that I constantly see people stressing about their food. It’s almost a torturous process to watch. They all get so stressed over it! Can I just say that if you’re stressing over food ALL of the time, stress alone adds weight. Most people give up the battle because they really do feel it’s a daily battle and they just give up.

Yup, it’s exhausting and unhealthy in its own way. Who has time for that these days?  Seriously. Stop it. No, really!

Let me see if I can give you a new and maybe intriguing way to look at your food intake.  Calories Schmalories! Yes I said that. We spend so much time looking at the calorie count that we forget to take other things into consideration when deciding what our diets should look like, and don’t get me started on the low fat thing. New studies are showing that when foods say low fat, they cram a bunch of other nasty-stuff-for-your-health in there to make it more palatable. Umm, I kind of think we already knew that except for a few stubborn hold outs who shall remain nameless. You know who you are! And the stress! Stop it! Really, I mean it!

So let’s see if we can’t look at this a different way. Some of you know I have gone down the rabbit hole into quantum physics and quantum mechanics. All the scientific proof they now have is amazing and mind boggling!  Anyhoo, food vibrates people! Stop looking at your food. You can’t see it actually vibrate. Well, maybe if there’s an earthquake. Everything has a frequency that it vibrates at including all the cells in your body.

So what do I mean by food vibrating?

The theory is that if you eat foods that have a high vibrational level, your body goes into sympathetic resonance with those vibrations and you feel healthier, happier and just plain better all the way around.

  • Food with the highest frequency at approximately 6,500-10,000 angstroms would be things such as: fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, almonds, sunflower seeds that have not been chemically altered in any way or are GMO, freshly laid eggs, white or green tea, matcha, etc..
  • Beneath that at 6,000-3,000 angstroms we have: cooked vegetables, butter, eggs from the stores fridge, raw sugar, honey, cooked fish, etc.
  • And the bottom of the rung at 3,000 angstroms and below: anything processed or refined, sausages, cooked meats such as beef, pork or chicken.

Do you see where I am going with this?

I am not saying to absolutely quit reading labels. They are always important, but maybe if you are food shopping for the week, instead of stressing over every little thing on the label you choose your food based on its vibrational frequency.

Also keep in mind how you cook your food. No I don’t mean bake, fry, oil, not oil, etc. even though that is part of it. I mean that the mood you are in when you cook the food also affects its vibrational levels. All of this is measurable by instruments. This is a real thing!  Think about how Italians cook with love and go that route. In other words, don’t cook angry or depressed.

There are tons of websites out there on this subject. If dieting this way seems more appealing or makes more sense for you, do your research. Dieting really is common sense when you think about it. The fresher and less processed that your food is the better it is for you and the better your body feels. It’s been drilled into our heads over the last few years and yet for convenience we hit the processed food aisles.

If you have ever heard of Kirilian photography, read this article to see the difference between cooked vs fresh vegetables and organic vs non-organic.

And yes I am still the resident hypocrite but I’m working on it!! It’s not my fault the candy just seems to miraculously fall into my cart at the store. True story!

By Lori A. Beyard, LMT, BCTMB

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