Pro Tips | How to Grow Long, Healthy Hair

You would think summer would be a time you’d dream of cutting your hair short to escape the heat. Maybe it is for you? That would make sense. I, on the other hand, always dream of long, mermaid like hair in the summer. It’s probably because I want to spend my entire summer in the water like the beautiful sirens of the sea. Never mind my mermaid dreams. Long locks are often desired. So, the question is – how do you grow your hair long while keeping it healthy?

The ladies from Clary Sage College are here to answer!

Pam MPam M: The less chemical services — perms, colors, lighteners, relaxers — the better. Try and get regular trims, every few months to cut off any split ends. Split ends are like ribbons that you split, they just keep splitting all the way up the ribbon.  There are products that claim to fix split ends but they only mask the frizz.  The only thing that can fix split ends are shears. Conditioner is also very important. Even fine hair must be conditioned.  You just need a lighter formula for fine hair, like a leave in conditioner.

Shay RShay R: Use little to no heat whenever possible. If heat has to be used, be sure to use a thermal protecting product. Sleeping with your hair on top of your head ensures less split ends, which stop hair from growing. The best thing to do is always see a professional and keep your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks. 🙂

Stefanie G.Stefanie G: It is vital that we eat a nutritious diet. Our hair is made up of keratin cells and they are produced under the scalp. Veins and arteries that supply hair follicles are directly affected by our diets. That is why nutrition is so important. Also, be sure to trim off any split ends. SPLIT ENDS CANNOT BE REPAIRED. Once you have a split end the hair continues to split UP the strand and breaks off. This is why some clients can’t grow their hair out.

I see a trend here…

Hopefully this advice helps you on your journey to long hair, if you’re on one that is.