Silicone, not just for breasts

By Christen Brummett

When most people think of silicone on or in the body it makes them think of breast implants, which can be made of silicone or saline. Many of the same reasons plastic surgeons use silicone are also the same reasons why your esthetician may recommend it for your skin. Silicone acts like an oil, forming an occlusive barrier on top of the surface of the skin. This mimics the skin’s natural barrier, which keeps the hydration in and helps to prevent a feeling of dry skin.

Both water loss and drier skin naturally occur as the skin ages, so silicone can be very beneficial for maturing skin. However the newer silicones aren’t just for your grandmother! Besides the protective barrier, silicone still allows oxygen in and out of your follicle, which prevents break outs. So unlike other oils, which can cause oily/acne skin to break out, silicone won’t do that. Silicones are also used as a makeup primer.

Your makeup can even out pigmentation, but won’t even out the texture. Silicone will sink into any crevices which leaves the skin feeling very smooth and primed for you makeup. So how do you know that your moisturizer or primer has silicone? Look for anything that ends with –cone; examples include dimethicone, methicone.