Sun Protective Clothing? Its a Must!

By: Michelle Wamego

Can clothing really block out the damaging sun rays to our skin? Yes it can! Many natural fibers and even several synthetic ones can offer some minimal base UV protection qualities; couple that with the type of weave of the fabric, the density of the number of yarns used, and some very innovative coatings and finishes, and you will have an exceptional sun blocking garment that can replace tubes and bottles of sunscreen. And it will cover you all day without needing to re-apply.

Several great clothing lines on the market that advertise their products to be sun protective are Coolibar®, Solumbra®, and Cover©, just to name a few. Several companies offer men’s and women’s styles. REI, Athleta, and J Crew offer some products in their lines that have UV protection. Most all will claim as much as, or more than, a 50+ UPF (ultraviolet protection factor). Additional information and recommendations can be found at















We are half-way through the summer, with much fun to still be had, so protect that skin, cover up and enjoy!