Behind the Scenes

By Tessa Brooks

We love getting a massage.  But have you ever stopped to think what it takes to provide you with that complete, all inclusive experience?  What do massage therapists do between massages? Let’s take a look at the daily life of a therapist.  Let’s go… “behind the scenes!”

As a massage therapist one of the questions we get a lot of is: “what do you do between massages?” The answer is everything!

To have a successful business you have to be organized and prepared, part of doing that is spending the time between your appointments to catch up on things.

The two very important things to keep up with are paperwork and supplies.

 Paperwork is a central part of your business, not only for yourself to keep notes on clients for future reference, but also per HIPAA certain records have to be kept for each client.  Or possible insurance companies that need our records on your behalf.  There is no getting away from bureaucracy!

Supplies can easily be depleted throughout the day. Keeping them stocked and ready for use at a moment’s notice can make or break your customer service sometimes. Even the small things matter like hot towels and making sure your oil bottle is full required daily maintenance.

Laundry, yes, laundry is a huge part of being prepared for the day. Washing, drying and folding laundry between clients can cut down on the amount of work needed to be done after a long day of massage.

Self Maintenance:  Massage therapists have to be able to perform at their best for each client. Part of this is keeping our hands in shape from our muscles to our nails. Nails must be kept short so as not to sick or “nail” someone by accident. We must cut and file them every few days.

Environment:  Keeping the work space clean and presentable is a top priority of any massage therapist behind the scenes. Having a space that presents the look you want to convey is first and foremost for successful business in general. Wiping things down and mopping between clients can make the upkeep of this look easier faster in the long run.

There are many things that go on in the daily life of a massage therapist, so the next time you receive a massage, take the time to appreciate all of the things that go into making it happen!

Question:  Tell us what you do behind the scenes that makes a difference in your business or life.  Often people don’t even know about it.  But YOU know it is necessary to get the job done!

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