3 Easy Sustainable Beauty Swaps

Advocacy for the environment has taken the world by storm lately. With all this talk surrounding sustainability, there’s a lot of questions circling about our personal environmental impact. What can one person really do?

Here’s the good news: you can start by slowly reducing your waste! For some of us, a significant amount of plastic waste originates in our bathroom cabinet.

Most of us are not even close to ready to give up beauty routine for the sake of the planet. Fortunately, modern products are working so we don’t have to! Reducing your waste can be a slow process, but worth it in the end.

Here are 3 easy swaps you can make to begin your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle.


  1. Shampoo & conditioner bars

Naked shampoo and conditioner not only work to reduce your plastic waste, but they  also look so neat and tidy in your shower. It might take some work to find one that’s right for you, so be patient. A good place to start is with Lush shampoo and conditioner bars. https://www.lushusa.com

  1. A safety razor

This is a big one. Plastic razors have an incredibly high turnover rate, and therefore create high traffic toward landfills. Safety razors are much more durable, sustainable, and affordable in the end. All you have to do is replace the blades (and they’re super cheap too!) Here’s a favorite of ours.


  1. Bar soap & facial cleansers

Body wash and facial cleansers largely come packaged in plastic containers. Bar cleansers are a great way to eliminate plastic usage, while also not sacrificing price. We like Dr. Bronner’s. https://www.drbronner.com

(Bonus: Start examining the ways in which you are using disposable plastic and you might not realize it, like contact lenses!)

Any changes you make are making a difference. Find what fits into your lifestyle and feel amazing about all the good you are doing!