5 Types of Nail Services

A fresh set of shiny nails is often one of the finishing touches to really put a look together. But do you really know what service would best fit your needs?

We have put together a list of nail services you might have heard of, but may not be totally clear on. Next time your nail technician mentions one of these, there will be no confusion!

A manicure typically involves nail trimming, shaping, filing, cuticle removal, and two coats of polish. A nail tech will apply a layer of moisturizer to the hands; now you have a lovely, fresh manicure!
A pedicure is often very similar, but it also excludes a sugar scrub. This type of treatment freshens and softens the feet and also helps to tame calluses.
Acrylic nails are nail extensions secured to the top of your natural nail with a monomer and polymer combination. Nail polish is applied on top of the finished enhancements and left to dry. Acrylics are fairly long-lasting and can be trimmed and shaped to your desired look. These nails must be maintained about every 2-3 weeks.
Dip powder
Dip powder nails are a form of acrylic nail extensions (with tips or just on the natural nail) that uses a different type of acrylic application where monomer (liquid) is not used. Dip powder has no smell and can be applied quickly. It is achieved by, quite literally, dipping your nails into nail (acrylic) powder . The powder can be clear and used with a colored polish or can be a specific colored powder you choose instead of a polish.
Gel polish
Gel polish is a form of polish that has to be cured under an LED lamp and last for 3 or more weeks (and stay shiny!).

Keep these in mind when you come in to get your nails done for your next event, and leave with the nails of your dreams!