Dear Tulsa: A Love Letter from Clary Runway

Dear Tulsa,

People often ask me what the most rewarding part of my job is. My answer never changes. For over 11 years, I have watched our students transform into artists. Their confidence grows with each skill they learn and technique they perfect. Their professionalism advances every time they greet a new or returning guest. And their passion for their training matures into an impressive work ethic. Clary Runway allows our students to showcase the personal and professional growth they have experienced during their time at Clary Sage College.

Support Local Talent

Clary Runway shows our students that Tulsa is rooting for them. Watching seats fill with excited faces gives our students the confidence to be proud of the work they have done here. For a new designer, there is no better feeling in the world than finishing a line and sending it down the runway.

Community Effort

All of our students anxiously wait backstage to see how the crowd will react. They send their work down the runway knowing that every eye in the venue is analyzing the outfit, the stage, the makeup, and the hair. Fashion Design, Interior Design, Makeup Artistry, Esthetician, and Cosmetology students all work together to make Clary Runway Tulsa’s fashion event of the year. Clary Runway truly is where our college community comes together to turn separate talents into one great event.

Come for the Fashion, Stay for the Cause

Supporting Clary Runway is so much more than showing up for a fashion show. Your attendance supports local talent and education because funds raised from Clary Runway go to support student scholarships at Clary Sage College, Community Care College, and Oklahoma Technical College. It is the largest scholarship fundraiser for all three of our college campuses. As a community, our goal is human betterment through quality education. We aim to transform lives and contribute to society by providing career-focused higher education opportunities to students to obtain successful employment, develop leadership skills, and serve their communities. We want to support and grow Tulsa, as Tulsa has supported us.

There is so much more I could say about how every program at every campus is changing our community for the better. But I am here to say thank you. Thank you to every individual who dedicates their time and money to see our students thrive. Thank you to every student, faculty, and staff volunteer that helps make Clary Runway a reality. And thank you Tulsa, for being there for us and supporting our community. We promise Clary Runway 2018 will not disappoint.

From the desk of Pam Martin, Campus Director of Clary Sage College