2 Essential Oil Recipes for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is approaching fast and it seems to be all anyone can think about from September through December. Each month brings its own feel and holidays to celebrate. September brought Labor Day, October will bring Halloween, November will usher in Thanksgiving, and December will give us one of the most beloved holidays of all, Christmas.

Smells Like a Memory

As each holiday approaches, it brings with it memories of past holidays and the smells our memory has attached to them. When the temperature drops, we naturally start craving warm scents that remind us of cookies baking in grandma’s oven and logs crackling over a wood fire. Even the faint smell of the crisp October air can take us right back to when we were kids jumping into a crunchy pile of leaves. Nothing is better than getting to relive pleasant memories. At Clary Sage College, our massage therapists can bring these scents to life at the request of the client.

Using Essential Oils During Massage Therapy

Our massage therapists love getting to present memory inducing smells during massages. With a simple essential oil recipe, we can take you back to your most pleasant holiday memories. Offering a seasonal scent is fun for both the massage therapist and client because both individuals get to be a part of the experience. As you get the opportunity to experience a pleasant memory through the simple sense of smell, your massage therapist gets to be creative and develop their skills with essential oils.

Holiday Season Essential Oil Recipes 

Here are a couple essential oil recipes to play with and make your own for this holiday season. Try different drop ratios until you find the one that is most pleasing.


1 drop Cinnamon bark

1 drop Clove

2 drops Orange

1 drop Vanilla


3 drops Fir

3 drops Lemon

4 drops Orange

Using essential oils during massage therapy can be fun if properly thought out. Before using essential oils during a massage session, all massage therapists should do their research. Look up various essential oils and learn about what effects and benefits they offer. Essential oils are a very popular way to add value to a massage session and can be used in salts, lubricant, or even diffused to create a wonderful ambient experience for your client.

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From the desk of Sharon Lively, Massage Therapy Instructor