2019 Interior Design Trends: Handmade Goods

Handmade items are playing a big role in 2019 interior design trends. If you are wanting to become an interior designer or are looking for an interior design program, it helps to stay on current and future design trends. Over the past couple of years, there has been an emphasis on supporting smaller and more localized businesses. As a result, this has led to customers looking for more individual pieces rather than mass-produced goods. This was not always the case. Mass produced goods are more common, easier to find, and are often times a bit easier on your wallet. Therefore, they have always remained more popular than handmade products.

While some designers are looking for a cheaper fix, most want to deliver the absolute best for their clients. Diligent designers know that nothing can compare to the quality, effort, and love that comes with handcrafted items. Each individual handcrafted item is unique and has a story to tell. This is true whether it be jewelry, textiles, apparel, stationery, furniture, or other design elements. Many people go as far as to not even shop for certain items anywhere else other than local or small businesses. While I am not suggesting you go and boycott mass-produced goods, I do love the handmade trend and wanted to share a couple of the reasons why.


1. Handmade Goods are Ethical.

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Interior designers should be educated on the ethics and methods of the company you are buying from. When you shop handmade goods from small scale companies, you are more likely to know where your product is coming from. This includes the materials used, workers employed, and practices followed. Small scale companies are more likely to have visible ethical standards for how their goods are being made. This can help you rest assured that you are not supporting sweatshops and child labor in other countries.


2. Handmade Goods are Better Quality

Interior Design college Tulsa Oklahoma design school about interior designers

This is not always a guarantee, but handmade goods do have a tendency to be better quality than mass-produced goods. These handmade goods are often crafted with love, time, and patience. Interior designers know how to recognize when a product has been crafted over time, versus when it has been cut from the mold like all the rest. Using items with better quality can enrich a space and give it a more dynamic feel.


3. Handmade Goods are Original

Interior Design college Tulsa Oklahoma design school about interior designers

Interior decorators and designers are always wondering how they can follow trends while maintaining an original design for their clients. Our overall goal is to make something that is unique and personal to my client’s style. These products are typically more original and can add a lot of personality to any design space. If you are looking to create a unique space, make sure to check out handcrafted items. As a result, your client will be impressed by your diligence in choosing original handmade pieces for their space. Being an interior designer, I am a big fan of how handmade items can make any design space authentic.


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From the desk of Alexandra Carlson-Erichsen, Interior Design Instructor and Department Head


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