3 Steps to a Salon Quality Blowout at Home

Looking to achieve a salon quality blow out at home? Well today’s your lucky day! Learn three steps to get a salon quality blowout every morning.

Product is key to a good blow out.

So many times, clients say, “ I can’t get my hair to look like this at home”. If you aren’t using products, then you won’t get it to look the same. Also, make sure you are using the right product for your hair type – ask your stylist what is best for you.

Products that are helpful:

  • Mousse – Using this before blow drying will create a great hold.
  • Serum – An oil-based product will smooth out the cuticle of your hair, giving a shiny finish.
  • Heat Protectant –  Using a heat protectant is great to keep your hair healthy in between haircuts, if you are going to be using a hair dryer or thermal tools often.

These are just basic products, there is such a wide variety of products in each professional line. Again, discussing what is best to use with your stylist is the best choice. Do not rely on what a magazine or commercials are telling you. Everyone’s hair is different, and while something may work wonders on someone else, it does not mean that it will do the same for you.

Tools make the difference.

For a proper blow out, make sure that you have a round brush and a vent brush. Both can be found at your local beauty supply store. Start off with your vent brush on towel-dried hair. After applying product, blow dry up if you are looking for volume and blow dry down if you need to smooth it out. The goal here is to get most of the moisture out. Then section your hair out with clips, the more hair that you have, the more sections you will need. This will make the process quicker and provide more control. Then you will move onto the round brush. A good tip for round brush size is the longer the hair, the larger the round brush. Round brushes are not only great for adding volume, but are also great for smoothing the hair out and giving a shiny finish to the hair. When you begin drying with the round brush, always keep the air flow going with the way the hair grows. If you go against it, you will be disrupting the cuticle of your hair. This means you are damaging the outside layer of your hair, resulting in “frizz”.

Use your attachments!

Concentrators should always be used when smoothing your hair, and when going with a natural curl, utilize your diffuser.