3 Questions to Ask Yourself for Brand Success

Something imperative and important to a Massage Therapist’s success is building your brand. Starting as a new therapist, you have to build your brand and your name, and as you continue on in your career, you have to continue to build that brand and maintain its integrity.

Think about any big name brands you would know off the top of your head, let’s take Apple® for example. Apple® is a huge, well-known brand. What are they known for? Yes, of course they are known for the iPhone® and the iPad® and other electronic devices, but when you think of Apple® what do you think of in terms of their brand? For myself, when I think of Apple® I think of a company who is above all, innovative. I think of a company who is smart, on top of current trends, always ahead of the game, and yes, a company who is banking some serious cash flow.

So when it comes to your brand, what do you want people to think of when they hear your name, or your business name? Ask yourself these 3 questions to help build your brand to a successful one.

1. Who am I?

Beyond your given name, who are you as a Massage Therapist? When you introduce yourself to someone you are inclined to say “I am *first name* *last name*” but take it a bit further, maybe you are someone who gives a great relaxation massage, but also has great expertise in easing the pain of fibromyalgia. So you might instead introduce yourself like this: “I am *first name* *last name*, a licensed massage therapist who specializes in general relaxation and fibromyalgia-related pain relief” Wow, didn’t that sound snazzy and professional? People will remember that.

2. What do I do?

Yes, you do massage, we know that, but focus on what your niche is. All therapists have one, what is your niche? Maybe you want to focus your business around pregnant clients, that’s what you are passionate about and that is what you love. Knowing your niche and what is going to make your business unique is going to draw in attention and positive publicity. Use it to your benefit.

3. Why does what I do matter?

Now it’s time to open your mind and others’ minds as to why what you do is beneficial for society. So you may say something like, “I work closely with a network of physicians who specialize in fibromyalgia patients and understand its debilitating effects. I provide relief from the everyday pain of this disorder.” Don’t be afraid to spit facts as well, show your education in your specifics. You could start that last sentence with something like: “Knowing that 5 million Americans are currently affected with fibromyalgia…”

Ask yourself these 3 questions, get in your own head, know your business, and build your brand!

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