7 Last Minute Halloween Accessories Under $25

Still haven’t decided what to be for Halloween? Well, don’t worry because we have a compiled a list of easy, last-minute Halloween accessories that you can find on Amazon for under $25. Just pair with some clothes you already have in your closet and -voila! you’re ready to dress up for work or go to that late night costume party. Don’t forget to purchase your accessories through AmazonSmile and a portion will be donated to our colleges. For instructions on how to do so, click here. Follow the green links below to be taken to each accessory.

  1. Masquerade Mask: $11.98 masquerade, mask, costume, last minute costumePair this with a solid black outfit to look like a fancy feline or with a more formal dress for a throwback to late medieval court life.
  2. Bank Robber: $16.89 robber, halloween, costume, last minute costumeA striped shirt is all you need to pull off this quick costume. You’ll easily steal the spotlight with this getup!
  3. Pirate: $21.79 pirate, Halloween, costume, last minute costumeYou can’t “arr”gue that these pirate accessories won’t have everyone shouting, “Ahoy, matey” by the end of the night.
  4. Zombie: $11.95 zombie, Halloween, costume, last minute costumeYou won’t need a ton of brraaiinnss to make this kit work. Try out everything from a classic George Romero zombie to a modern-day walker from the Walking Dead.
  5. Where’s Waldo: $9.00-$23.00 Where's Waldo, Waldo, Halloween, costume, last minute costumeYou won’t get lost in the crowd with this one (unless that’s your goal). Just throw on some jeans and you’re ready to go!
  6. 80’s Glam: $16.99 glam, 80's, 80's glam, costume, Halloween, last minute costumeGirls just wanna have fun! And we can almost guarantee that you will in this costume.
  7. Unicorn: $8.99 unicorn, costume, Halloween, last minute costumeHave you been daydreaming about frolicking through a meadow? Enchant and amaze everyone with this cute unicorn headband and that gallop you’ve been practicing.