The Art of the Ugly Christmas Sweater

It’s the most wonderful time of the year which can only mean one thing – it’s time to find your ugly Christmas Sweater! We know you wait all year for that one party to debut your fabulously atrocious find, to bring in the holiday cheer and the barrels of laughs. There is, in fact, an art to finding the perfect ugly Christmas sweater- and that’s why we’re here to help with handy hacks, and easy how tos so you can rock the ugly Christmas sweater!

Where Can I Find My Ugly Christmas Sweater?

Surprisingly enough, the hunt for vintage ugly sweater has become so popular that thrifts stores are now dedicating a section to their most hideous and hysterical holiday sweaters. Salvation Army and Goodwill have accepted this trend and cleverly made it easier for ugly sweater shoppers by creating a section usually in the front or center of the store with racks of some major wins. Even Target specifically designs ugly Christmas sweaters every year for holiday party-goers.


How Can I Make My Own Ugly Christmas Sweater?

Your creativity can run rampant as you explore your inner Fashion Design this holiday season. Purchase an over-sized sweater, or use one of your old sweaters from home. Collect all kinds of small (preferably lightweight) children’s toys- slinkys, Legos, Barbie dolls, toy cars, paper airplanes, etc. Simply hot glue toys all over the sweater. This is beyond hysterical as it is clever.

Another option is to start with an old sweater and hot glue Christmas ornaments all over the body of the sweater. Then wrap battery-operated Christmas lights around the arms of the sweater, using a large safety pin to attach the battery pack inside the sleeve, hiding it from view.

If you are purchasing a sweater to create your own ugly Christmas sweater, choose and oversized, bulkier knit of sweater style. Or look in the maternity section of any retail store for a sweater that is fitted in the arms, but has a little extra room in the body.


How Do I Wear My Ugly Christmas Sweater?

For bulkier sweaters, we suggest tights and boots. For cropped sweater, try pairing with a solid mini-skirt and festive pantyhose. Pair with booties and you’ll be looking eclectically adorable for your Christmas party. If the sweater is very bulky or gaudy, slim down the look with tights and a polished bun. Grab two holiday bulb ornaments to wear as earrings. Don’t forget a pop of bright red lipstick! You can still look cute in an ugly Christmas sweater.

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Post your ugly Christmas sweater pictures below! Merry Christmas!