Back to School: Updating Your Makeup Routine


It’s that time of year again, the back to school season is now in session, and fall is just around the corner. But before you hit the books, we have the ultimate tips you need to start your semester off right. It’s time to clean out that sandy makeup bag and update your skincare products to bring in fall’s freshest new looks. Do your skin a favor and give your skincare regimen a complete makeover… trust us, your skin will thank you. You’ll kiss those sun-slobbered cheeks goodbye and welcome the crisp air of autumn with these latest makeup trends that are as eye-catching as they are lovely. Make a statement with your look by trying out a few of the latest in cosmetics- it will have you starting this semester looking and feeling at the top of your class.

Fall’s Flushed Cheeks

Rosy cheeks are a staple to embrace the crisp air of autumn. Flushed cheeks are essential for this fall and can easily pair with any type of look you vaunt. This snow bunny flush is as innocent as it is polished. Lightly dust cheeks and bridge of nose with your favorite shade of pink powdered blush to perfect the look. The result portrays a certain naiveté that is fresh and dewy. You can also take a dab of your favorite lipstick in a red or pink hue to rub into the apples of the cheeks and across the nose to create a windblown effect that is both enchanting and outdoorsy.


Twiggy Lashes

Your lashes are ready for their debut this fall. Accentuate your lashes with layers of black mascara to make a doll-like appearance. Twiggy’s wide-eyed look is perfected with shameless clumps of dark mascara, creating an alluring, as well as haunting beauty. Swipe a good amount of mascara to the upper and lower sets of lashes to achieve a manga-esque appearance. The more coats of mascara, the better. These spidery lashes are fearless and bewitching, making your eyes pop.


Moisturizer Makeover

Moisturizer is a reoccurring must for this fall. This timeless trend is ready for an update in your cosmetic purse. Pitch summer’s lotions to the sea, and try richer serums and slightly thicker moisturizers to protect your cheeks from the brisk air. Cooler temperatures cause dryness in skin. Finding the right moisturizer for your skin type is key for a youthful glow. Start every morning with a rich moisturizer to enhance the fresh, fall look of dewy highlighters and blush cheeks.


Products With Benefits

Makeup lines are upping their game and putting more beneficial ingredients in their cosmetics. Where this has been promised in the past, more cosmetic lines are reigning to be true in their claims of excellent skincare ingredients. SPF is branching out in more types of makeups, including lip glosses and even eye shadows. Treat yourself to these benefits and stock your makeup bag with anti-aging, nutrient-rich products. Try getting cosmetics that multi-purpose as skincare, especially SPF. This will save you a step in your daily morning routine, as well as keep your skin glowing and beautiful.


Updating your skincare regimen doesn’t have to be difficult, and with these few tips, your skin will be glowing and fresh just in time to daunt the Twiggy lashes and the snow bunny flush.

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