Bamboo Massage – What’s That?

If you like hot stone massage, you will probably love bamboo massage. Bamboo massages use compressed bamboo sticks to massage the body. The smooth bamboo sticks can be used for both full body massage or over the clothes during a chair massage.

Full Body Massage

For a full body massage, the sticks are warmed up between heating pads. The bamboo heats evenly and glides smoothly on the skin with oil. The heat helps warm up the tissues so you can work deep into the muscles with less resistance. The heat also helps with deep relaxation, which is good for everyone! Heat is also a great way to help those with chronic pain such as fibromyalgia.

Chair Massage

Using the bamboo sticks during a chair massage is a great way for the therapist to prevent wrist and thumb fatigue. The clients love how the smooth bamboo moves easily over their clothes. The bamboo can be used to give broader pressure or use the ends to give direct pressure to loosen knots and trigger points. They don’t take up much room, so they are an easy tool to bring with you on a chair event. This allows your client to get a taste of your skills and is a great marketing tool.

As a therapist, I have found that I love giving bamboo massages – and my clients love getting them. Since I use the bamboo sticks to massage, my hands and wrists are less fatigued. I also love the simple prep and clean up compared to hot stones. No large roaster with heavy stones and water! The bamboo sticks heat up very quickly between two heating pads. I felt I had more control with the heat since a heating pad is not made to heat too high. To clean the bamboo, you use antibacterial wipes. With clean up being so easy and the fast time they warm back up, it was easy to do more than one bamboo massage a day.

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