Basket Weave Updo Tutorial

Easter is almost here (Sunday!!!) can you believe it? As you look for the perfect Easter dress for the little ladies in your life, here is a super cute and super easy updo perfect for ladies of all ages to wear this Easter Sunday.

Step 1: Smooth the hair into a high ponytail and braid it, secure with a rubber band, use clear for light hair and dark for dark hair
Step 2: Twist the braided ponytail into a bun, and secure with 2 or more bobby pins depending on thickness of the hair. Use bobby pins that are similar to the color of the hair.

Step 3: Use a bobby pin, and push the end through a small portion of hair starting underneath the bun. Thread the ribbon through the end of the bobby pin, like a needle, and pull the bobby and ribbon through the hair. Continue doing this throughout the hair, around the bun.
Step 4: Secure the ribbon underneath the bun, by tying the ribbon. You may tie it into a bow, or add your own bow at the bottom.

*You may add two rows of the ribbon to give a basket weave look. Add a second color for more vibrancy. 

Comment below if you give this a try!