Benefiting Your Client Through Sales

By Tessa Brooks

Sales… Retail… Bottom line… Say any of these words to a Massage Therapist and watched them cringe. Why? It is in our nature to care for people, to help heal and comfort them, not sell products. The question is how to get over that feeling of being creepy or bad for selling someone a product. You can do this by doing 3 things:  believe in the product, be knowledgeable about the product, and know that the product will help the customer.

First, YOU must believe in what product you are talking about. If you don’t believe in the product then you will feel bad for trying to push it on someone when you don’t think it will actually work. This will come off as fake to the client and you will not only feel like you did something wrong, but you will also have no sale.

Second, know which products your client needs. You are the expert, do not try to sell them something they don’t need or will not use. Your client can feel like they are not equipped to use what you have sold them therefore they are less likely to rebook with you. It needs to fit their immediate and long term needs and lifestyles.

Third, and most importantly, know that what you are trying to sell to the client is for their benefit. If they see that you care enough to try to help them outside of their time with you, they will be more likely to rebook with you. Also, they will feel more invested in their time with you and it will become a great working partnership for you both.

So, you know WHAT to do, now HOW do you go about doing it?

Start by familiarizing yourself with all of the products you have available. Test them on yourself first to gauge their efficiency and ease of use. This will not only help you to talk about the product but you can then make it personal by relaying your own experience with it. You may even love it so much your purchase one for yourself!

Next, figure out what product(s) your client needs and might actually use based on their interview and your findings during the massage. The product should be compatible with what they do as a hobby and what they do for a living. Ease of use is a large factor also, when you show them the product show them how to use it. Placing it in their hands and guiding them means that they are statistically more likely to buy it.

Last, but not least, tell them the long term benefits of using this product over others. Tell them when would be their best chances and times to use it during their daily routines. The more options in their lives they have to use the product, the more they will think about how you have helped them.

Massaging is a way of helping people to be healthier and perform better all around. Keep this in mind and you should have no problems being able to sell your client a product and feel great about doing so, while helping your bottom line.

We’d love to hear from you.  Please tell us your thought on massage therapists using retail to enlarge and supplement their practice OR make us laugh with a story of the worst retail experience of your life!

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